Can Container and Packaging Label or Decorate my Containers?

We can custom decorate your bottles, jars or closures for you in-house. For more information on our capabilities and policies, please visit our services tab.

Some of my bottles or jars looked scuffed. Why?

Bottles and jars made from PET plastic often get scuffs and scratches during shipping. This occurs even during shipping from a manufacturer to our warehouse. This is due to the nature of PET plastic. It is virtually impossible to ship PET plastic without getting scuffs or scratches. We have found, however, that most customers can cover scuffs with labels or other forms of custom decoration, and once filled with product, most scuffs and scratches become invisible. Please be advised that PET plastic is susceptible to these markings.

Why did I Only Receive a Partial Order?

Most of the time, your order will ship from the warehouse that is closest to you. In some instances, we might not have all of your order available in one warehouse which will result in your order being split between multiple warehouses. If you only receive part of your order, it could be that your other portion has not yet arrived. If you need tracking information, please feel free to contact us and we will help you.

Why are my Sprayer / Pump Tubes Longer Than My Bottles?

We stock a large quantity of bottles that vary in height but have similar neck finishes that can fit the same pump or sprayer. It is difficult to maintain a sufficient amount of pumps or sprayers with the correct tube length to fit each bottle style and size. Plus, tube length preference can differ from customer to customer. Instead, we stock pumps and sprayers with longer tubes to fit a larger percentage of our stock containers. We can cut the tubes for you before shipping if you're interested. 

What is the least/most expensive container you offer?

The cost of our packaging options will vary based on the amount of customization required. Please contact one of our account managers via "Contact us" page to determine which packaging option will be most cost-effective for your application.

Do you provide a list or catalog of packaging options with pricing?

Due to the custom nature of our packaging, we are unable to provide a packaging price list or catalog. Each package is designed to our customer's individual needs.

To request a price quote, please contact us and speak with one of our account managers. You can also complete our Quote Request form online.

What information do I need to provide in order to get a quote?

The following information should be provided either to one of our account managers or via our online quote request form in order for us to provide you with complete and accurate pricing:


Billing and/or Ship-to Address

Phone Number

Email (so we can email the price quote to you)

Explanation of the product you are looking to package

Your packaging project budget

Any additional stakeholders in this project within your company and/or your customer

Product Market: Food, Cosmetics/Personal Care, Cannabis/eVapor, Home Goods, Promotional Products, Medical, Industrial, Government/Military, Other.

Type of Tube: Open Ended Tube, Singe Tube with enclosure(s), 2pc Telescope, Full Telescope, Composite Can

End Closure: Paper Cap, Paper Curl-and-Disc / Rolled Edge, Metal End, Metal Ring-and-Plug, Plastic Plug, Shaker Top or Foil Membrane.

Quote Quantity

Inside Diameter

Tube Length (usable)

Any additional information or special requirements: labels, color, embossing, foil, etc.

Does the price quote include shipping/freight costs?

Our packaging price quotes do not include shipping or freight costs.

Can you provide me with a shipping estimate before I place an order?

Yes.But the shipping/freight costs are calculated when the production of an order is completed. Final costs will be based on several variables including final product dimensions, weight and the selected carrier's daily market rates.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Customers are required to provide their account manager with the freight broker and tax information at the time the order is placed.

Do you offer graphic design or package design services?

Yes, we do offer in-house graphic design services. Please speak with an account manager for more details on our packaging and graphic design services.

We do provide, at no additional charge, a custom label die line template sized to scale in Adobe Illustrator (.ai file) to all customers who require labeling. This can be done upon the receipt of a purchase order, or commitment of an order. If resizing of artwork, or artwork creation is needed for labels, please discuss with your account manager at the time of your order.

What is the cost for custom prototypes?

A small set-up fee, which varies per style and complexity per design, is charged for custom manufactured, unlabeled prototypes.*

If you would like to add labeling, the cost for custom labeled prototypes is the set-up fee cost plus the cost of the printed material.*

*This should be discussed with your account manager at time of your request to meet your specific needs.

How do i know your packaging will work with my formulation?

A variety of factors determines the compatibility of your formulation with any cosmetic packaging/container, which is why we have chosen to offer our products at any quantity. It is up to you to perform appropriate stability, compatibility, and shelf life testing to ensure your formulation is best presented to market. Check out our plastic properties guide to help you determine which packaging is right for your product. Stability & Shelf Life Testing are industry standard tests performed by you (or your lab) to determine the suitability of any container with your formulation.

How do you fill the lip gloss containers?

There are several methods for filling lip gloss tubes. They are intended to be machine filled in a lab, but you can easily fill them at home. There are commercial grade syringes that work well for filling them. We have also seen some small business owners use household tools such as a turkey baster, or pastry icing applicator. These methods are elected in place of the preferred method where tubes are filled in a cosmetic laboratory by machine. It also comes down to what would work best with the viscosity of your unique formula.

What cosmetic packaging products do you carry?

We carry a wide variety of cosmetic packaging products while specializing in airless pump design bottles and jars. This wide range of products include: airless pump bottles, acrylic cosmetic jars, cosmetic pump bottles, lotion pump bottles, lip gloss containers, wholesale plastic bottles, and plastic bottle caps.